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Timeworks  Clocks - Wall Clocks that look antique

Timeworks Simpson StarkeyTimeworks clocks are a favorite among home decorators. Whether you are looking for a large or small clock, Timeworks Clocks Incorporated are masters at creating antique replica or antique reproductions that have great detail. When their wall styles are placed on the wall they really do almost match the look of an actual antique clock face. The wall clock faces that are recreated from antique dials actually have the look of a antique wall clock with its chips and scratches We carry large wall clocks and small wall clocks which gives our customers many styles to choose from. Kings River has one of the largest galleries of Timeworks Wall Clocks anywhere.
Timeworks Storytime Clocks

are designed with the old children's nursery rhymes in mind. These clocks are perfect for children's rooms. This line of wall clocks have been a favorite gift for children and grandchildren.
Not only do we carry one of the largest lines of Timeworks wall clocks we also have a full line of Table Clocks and Mantel Clocks that look great sitting on your mantel, table and shelves. These reproduction antique mantle clocks and reproduction antique table clocks work well in your living room, family room or kitchen decor. 

Go Retro ! - Retro Phones, Starburst Decor and Aprons 

Retro PhonesStarburst ClockDecorating with a retro look has really become top notch. Retro starburst wall clocks from the (50's) fifties, (60,s) sixties and (70's) seventies has given new life to contemporary style. Colorful nostalgic telephones also help to add a warm authentic look.

Retro Aprons have been a big hit in our store and on the TV screen. View our collection of full length kitchen aprons often seen on many popular television series.

Paul Sahlin Lamp When Louis Comfort Tiffany presented his artistic Tiffany lamps at the Paris Exposition in 1890, they were described as light concealed behind jewels. For the past 25 years, Paul Sahlin Lamps has been capturing this same creativity and radiance within each lamp. The result of the Paul Sahlin creativity is an evolution of classic style, without compromising the inherent character of Louis Tiffany's original designs. Quality hand made stained glass lamps and sculptures are what Paul Sahlin is all about.  We carry a great selection of these Paul Sahlin floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps and Sculptures. We also have the favorite Stained Glass Nightlight  Fairies
Paul Sahlin have been dedicated to giving you quality stained glass lamps and antique reproduction lighting for many years. Click Here to see our large collection of Paul Sahlin Tiffany style lamps.

Bulova Clocks - Mantle, Wall and Miniature

Bulova ClocksBulova has been creating quality clocks and watches since 1875 including Frank Lloyd Wright designs as well as many Mantel,  Wall, and Miniature Clocks. A family tradition is starting to build around Bulova Miniature Clocks. Click Here for more information about miniature clocks.

Mantel and Table Clocks are perfect for accenting that favorite shelf or fireplace mantel. These styles offer a beautiful antique look but also many of the modern functions associated with today's timepieces. 
Frank Lloyd Wright are also favorites with their clean lines and accents.
Fine executive gifts are also a Bulova specialty. These quality executive gifts will impress any boss, employee or client. Contact our customer service department by phone for special business pricing while purchasing larger quantities.

Howard Miller BarrettHoward Miller Clocks - Wall, Mantel, Anniversary, Grandfather Clocks

Howard Miller Clocks are built to be enjoyed not only by you,  but also by your children and your children's children.

Howard Miller Clocks instantly transforms your house into a home. We carry a large selection of traditional key wound or quartz movements with strike and chime features. We offer Howard Miller mantel clocks, Grandfather models and others. These clocks are built to last for generations.

Howard Miller Clocks
Howard Miller Clocks
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Seth Thomas
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Bulova Clocks
Howard Miller Clocks
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Timeworks Clocks


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